Front Office Training for PT, OT, Multidisciplinary and Chiropractic Practices

Your receptionists will learn to control the schedule, prevent same-day cancels and no-shows, schedule plans of care, discuss the cost of care, and onboard more new patients with ease.

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Is your private practice struggling with any of the following?


High rate of same-day cancels + no-shows

schedule 2

Poor schedule control + patients not scheduled


Difficulty discussing insurance + cost of care


Patients dropping out without completing care


High cost of marketing and promotion 

The Front Office GURU Training Academy is
the LEADER in Front Desk Training And Systems

And it’s packed with in-depth, practical solutions to the MOST common patient problems your front desk encounters every single day. And even better, it helps you and your team get results

You and your front office team will have exactly what you need to FILL your schedule, STOP same-day cancellations and no-shows, INCREASE your new patient evaluations, have patients consistently scheduled, handle the cost of care discussion, and handle the most common patient objections with ease.

Are YOU ready to help your front desk take control?

You’re just one click away from helping your front desk TAKE CONTROL of patient management. Click ‘Join Now’ to get started.

With the Front Office GURU Training Academy, you'll EMPOWER YOUR FRONT DESK to:

Increase patient arrivals

increase patient arrivals











So what is The Front Office GURU Training Academy?

A virtual academy providing patient management training to the front desk staff of physical therapy, multidisciplinary, and chiropractic private practices.

With over 100 video lessons and accompanying workbooks that contain practical questions, special scripts for patient management, and tips and tricks to use during patient care, your front office team will learn:


Every patient must follow the same path through care from the first call through successful completion. While their treatment is different, their path remains the same and your team will learn successful patient management techniques.


They'll learn to manage patient care and master schedule control, prevent same-day cancels and no-shows, convert more calls to scheduled and arriving new patients and discuss the the cost of care with ease.


Your front desk team likely struggles to handle patients objections. They'll learn to easily communicate with patients, HANDLE their OBJECTIONS and answer questions at every point through care.

Everything you need to train your front office AND get the results you’re looking for is included in the Academy.

Watch this video and get a glimpse of what we have to offer.

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IMMEDIATE ACCESS for the practice owner plus 2 front office staff




There is a $100/ year subscription fee to maintain access to the platform. Your first year is included.

If you have more than 2 front office staff
CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME for a special link and pricing.


If you’re a private practice owner or manager, when you join The Front Office Guru Training Academy, you’re fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 15 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.


Meet Dee Bills, Front Office GURU

Hi. I’m Dee Bills

physical therapist, practice owner, and Front Office GURU

I started Front Office GURU after successfully turning around the front office of my husband’s physical therapy practice. When I started working with him in 2012, the daily arrival rate was 75% at best. And this made schedule control impossible. 

Added to that, with rising out-of-pocket costs, my team struggled to confidently handle the cost-of-care discussion and that also led to difficulties getting patients to schedule and complete their full plan of care.

So I worked at my front desk and applied my experience as a provider to create consistent scripting and processes that would empower my front desk to to take control of patient care.

Within 6 months, our arrival rate was 95% and it’s remained that way since then. And with continued training, our over-the-counter collections increased to 98%, and over 85% of our patients were scheduling out and completing their full plan of care!!

Not long after that I found myself helping other practices and using my systems, they were achieving similar success! I knew I couldn’t keep this all to myself, so I started Front Office GURU. Now, private practices that use a recurring treatment model have access to front office training that GETS RESULTS! 

My Virtual Academy has everything you need to train your front desk team in communication, schedule control, cancellation prevention, collections, new patient scheduling, and so much more…

I look forward to having you and your team join my front office family! ~ Dee

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There is a $100/ year annual site maintanence fee to suppport your course files

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Pay over 3 months
There is a $100/ year annual site maintanence fee to suppport your course files

Who's the Academy for?

This program IS for YOU if:

This program isn't for YOU if:

Are YOU ready to help your front desk take control?

You’re just one click away from helping your front desk TAKE CONTROL of patient management. Click ‘Join Now’ to get started.

Because there’s never a good time to get started. Waiting for the right time, or the right team, will delay your results, as well as prolong the pain and the loss of revenue. This is a life-long journey. Get started today and start getting results.

Your  team will benefit from consistent weekly study time –  at least 60 min per week.

Training should be done away from front desk duties and distractions.

While watching their video lessons, each team member should use their printed workbook to answer practical questions and master scripts.

And for your first time through, you want your core team learning and implementing together.

Without consistent front office training, the following issues can occur in your practice:

  • A high rate of same-day cancellations and no-shows
  • The schedule isn’t full or irregularly scheduled patients
  • They struggle convert leads to scheduled evaluations increasing the cost per new patient
  • They’ll have difficulty discussing the cost of care and handling financial pain or objections
  • You have gaps or holes in the schedule, or inconsistent scheduling throughout the week
  • There are more “problem” patients, and a low staff morale
  • Patients drop off and not complete their plan of care
  • You end up spending a lot of money on marketing, but not seeing the return
  • Billing errors, out-of-network benefits selling, and financial flubs
  • These lead to lower profitability and more financial struggles

This course holds a ton of valuable content for your front office team. Each team member should invest at least 60 minutes per week. If it’s your 1st time through, I recommend you all do it together.

Your course purchase comes with access for an owner/manager plus 2 staff.

You can message me and I will provide special pricing for later teams. Or you can add more seats inside your account.

No worries. If you have more than two staff, just message me and I will share a link and special pricing based on the # of staff you need. 

No worries! I won’t punish you if someone leaves. All you’ll need to do is go into your account, remove their access and you’ll be able to assign that seat to your new hire!

I recommend the practice owner make the purchase and be the account manager so if anything changes, you maintain access for the practice.

But once the payment is made, and you are setting up the practice team account, you can assign special access to your practice manager and they will be able to view and manage the team access moving forward. 

This fee allows you to train and retrain your team indefinitely.

Your purchase includes 100% money back guarantee within 15 days of purchase.

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If you still have more questions, SCHEDULE A FREE DISCOVERY CALL to discuss your practice needs!

Are YOU ready to help your front desk take control?

You’re just one click away from helping your front desk TAKE CONTROL of patient management. Click ‘Join Today’ to get started.

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