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Your Front Desk Will Learn to Master Schedule Control

Using our training and patient management systems, your front office team will learn to get MORE patients to schedule AND arrive for care, discuss cost-of-care with ease, and keep your schedule full.

Dee’s front desk online training program is exactly what we have been needing as an organization. The training is very structured, methodical, and organized. Dee has a great way to simplify and explain things to your front office personnel.
– Jay Schultz, Practice Owner | Schultz PT, Louisiana

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  • Over 100 short webinar-style lessons
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** I don’t punish you for staff turnover. If someone leaves, remove their access, and add your new hire.

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Our Training

The Topics We Cover

Here’s a brief snapshot of how this course will help your Patient Care Coordinators (and your practice!) THRIVE.

New Patient Conversions

Cost of care discussion

Cancellation Prevention

Schedule Control

You can choose to follow the path we've set or jump to your most problematic area

Learn How to Communicate Effectively With Patients

The PATH All Patients Take Through Care

Exactly how to guide patients through the path of care so that they can FINALLY achieve full recovery, which means another success story for your thriving practice.

Your SUCCESS as a Patient Care Coordinator

How to ditch the “receptionist mindset” so they can take CONTROL of conversations, which means your practice can run on autopilot while you’re helping patients through care.

Using Effective Communication

How to use effective communication in order to keep your schedule full, which means fewer missed visits and increased revenue for your practice.

Products and People Helped

The 5 “non negotiable” metrics they need to track and how to stay motivated on the toughest days… so that CARE is your practices #1 priority and your patients know it.

Mastering Phone Skills

How to identify a new patient based on exactly what they say, and how to consistently greet patients so you minimize issues and create an outstanding patience experience.

Dee provides clear and easy to implement training for front and back office personnel that frankly pays for itself. Due to the success we've had, we elected to continue to the advanced program after finishing the basic program
– Raul Lone, Practice Owner | M3PT, California

Convert More Leads to Scheduled and Arriving New Patients

Your Initial Contact with a New Patient

What to say to MASTER initial contact so they convert more calls to scheduled and arriving evaluations, which means theyll build trust and develop relationships faster than ever.

The 5 Key Questions for New Patient Management

My word-for-word “5 Key Questions” script that will increase your arrival rates to over 90%, which means you can finally create financial stability and get more people HELPED.

Scheduling the Evaluation

When, where, and how to use the patient’s own answers to the 5 Key Questions to effectively manage objections, avoid extra work, and keep the patient moving through the path of care.

Ensuring the New Patient Arrives

The “specific techniques” they must MASTER in order to get new patients arriving so you can avoid same-day cancellations and no-shows, which means your patients will start off right.

Handling the New Patient Arrival

How to effectively communicate expectations for new patients as you begin working with them so they’re not caught off-guard, which means they receive a consistent, comfortable experience.

The Front Office GURU gave us the practical knowledge and training to get our patient arrival numbers up to and exceptional level and our cancellation rate down below our expectations.
– Mike Braden, Practice Owner | Anchor PT, Colorado

Discuss the Cost of Care With Ease

Discussing the Cost of Care

Detailed strategies for dealing with the “money button” so your patient’s understand their financial responsibility, which means fewer upset patients and increased trust with your practice.

Keeping Patients from Cancelling

Why the “Missed Visit Policy” is crucial to your patient’s success and exactly how to discuss this with them, which means they can move confidently into the full plan of care.

Scheduling a Full POC

How to learn the full POC script and become a MASTER at controlling the schedule so that patients arrive for their full POC, ensuring financial stability and reliable scheduling.

Mastering Schedule Efficiency and Utilization

How to manage the “growing pains” of a thriving practice and craft a well-managed and maintained schedule, so that more patients are scheduled and showing for their visits.

Understanding Cancellation Prevention

The “in’s and out’s” of why same-day cancellations occur so they can be prevented in the future, which means more patients arriving for care and less wondering why they’re not showing.

The training platform has given our team the advantage we need to control the conversations, get patients on the schedule, and win the cancellation/no show battle!!
– Frank Cawley, Practice Owner| Cawley PT + Rehab, Pennsylvania

Master Schedule Control and Plan of Care Scheduling

The Presentation of Your Missed Visit Policy

How to double down on the Missed Visit Policy so that patients never have to wonder how seriously you take their care, which means your practice will become central to their healing.

How to Prevent Same-Day Cancellations

Why prevention is KEY to their success in managing patient flow and exactly how to handle the 1st time someone same-day cancels, ensuring your policies remain enforced and consistent.

Holding Patients Accountable

How to hold patients accountable to your new policies without upsetting them or harming your practices reputation, so that you earn patients’ trust AND maintain firm schedule control.

Charging a Fee and Stopping Future CX/NS

How to handle someone who’s same-day cancelled for a second or third time with ease so you can avoid future problems for the practice, help those who DO arrive, and move on.

Mastering the Cancellation Prevention Program

The “step by step” guide to master these EXACT scripts so you can achieve a 90%+ arrival rate, which means fewer sleepless nights and a thriving practice for years to come.

Dee really helped us implement front office procedures that work to increase staff efficiency and patient attendance!
–Ashtyn Haynes, Practice Co-owner | Haynes PT, Texas


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