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Front Office Training for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Multidisciplinary Private Practices

Train your front desk staff to get patients scheduled and arriving for care

Are you struggling with any of these common problems?


Cancels and No-Shows

You are struggling with a high rate of same-day cancels and no-shows which leave open spots on the schedule and decreased efficiency.


Inconsistent Messaging

Team members don't know what to say to control the conversation and handle patient objections leading to confusion or upset.


Not Enough New Patients

You’re spending more to get new patients because they aren’t scheduled, or when they are, they cancel/no-show for their appointment.


Scheduling Issues

Patients aren't scheduling their full plan of care, not rescheduling visits, or you have open spots or inconsistent schedules.


Not Collecting at time of Visit

They struggle when they present the cost of care, have trouble handling objections to cost, or aren't collecting at the time of visit.


Patient Drop Outs

Patients aren't completing their fully prescribed plan of care and dropping out before they've achieved the desired results.

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If you said yes, you’re not alone.

What EFFECT is this having on you and your practice?

  • You’re spending more to get more new patients.
  • Even more patients are cancelling + no-showing.
  • You’re worried about the empty spots on your schedule.
  • You’re suffering with a high rate of front desk turnover.
  • You keep having to step in and handle patient problems.
  • You can’t compete with corporate salaries so struggling to hire providers.
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If you’re feeling those effects, I completely understand.
I felt the same way before I had training for my front desk because it made it hard to focus on everything else.
And I was so worried about what would happen if things didn’t change.

What will happen if this doesn’t change soon?

How much time, money, and energy will you continue to lose due to cancels + no-shows, lost new patients, and patient dropouts?

Now, what if you had the SOLUTION to all of these problems?

  • What if you didn’t have to worry about cancels and no-shows?
  • What if you could get more new patients to schedule?
  • AND then get those new patients to arrive?
  • What if you could collect more at the time of service?
  • Or have less patients on a payment plan?
  • What if you didn’t have to spend time handling patient problems?
  • Or solving problems for your front desk?
  • What if you had more time to focus on the practice?

Look no further because this training IS the solution.

If you’re ready make a change and fix these problems,
My PROVEN system of training and patient management WILL help you and your practice.

Train your front desk to take control of the schedule TODAY.

  • They’ll learn to get patients scheduled, arriving, and paying for care.
  • And you’ll be able to trust that they have the tools to handle their position.
  • The longer you wait, the longer you have to worry about these problems.
  • Get started today and start taking control of your biggest patient problems.

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