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Created for PT, OT, and Multidisciplinary Practices but suited for all medical and healthcare teams.

Train your receptionists to get patients scheduled and arriving for care.
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Dee's course has increased our arrival (rate) by 6% in the first week we rolled this program out! The clear cut instructions and full proof training was an instant success for our practice!!
– Brandon, Practice Manager | Tristar Physical Therapy

The Struggle

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?


Cancels and No-Shows

You are struggling with a high rate of same-day cancels and no-shows which leave open spots on the schedule and decreased efficiency.


Scheduling Issues

Patients aren't scheduling their full plan of care, not rescheduling visits, or you have open spots or inconsistent schedules.


Not Enough New Patients

You're spending money on marketing and promotion but not getting the desired return on your investment.


Inconsistent Messaging

Team members don't know what to say to control the conversation and handle patient objections leading to confusion or upset.


Not Collecting at time of Visit

They struggle when they present the cost of care, have trouble handling objections to cost, or aren't collecting at the time of visit.


Patient Drop Outs

Patients aren't completing their fully prescribed plan of care and dropping out before they've achieved the desired results.

"Or maybe you're looking to add consistent, results-driven training..."

About Us

What is The Front Office GURU Training Academy?

A virtual academy providing patient management training to the front desk staff of physical therapy, multidisciplinary, and chiropractic private practices.

With over 100 video lessons and accompanying workbooks that contain practical questions, special scripts for patient management, and tips and tricks to use during patient care, with Front Office Guru Training Academy your team will....

Convert More Leads To Scheduled And Arriving New Patients

Decrease Patient Drop Offs
Stop Same-Day Cancellations And No-Shows

Maximize Schedule Control

Consistently Increase Patient Visits

Generate Higher Practice Revenue Per Patient

doctor pushing a patient in a wheelchair through a sand path

Manage the Patient's Path

Every patient must follow the same path through care from the first call through successful completion. While their treatment is different, their path remains the same and your team will learn successful patient management techniques.
receptionist showing a file to a patient

Master Schedule Control

They'll learn to manage patient care and master schedule control, prevent same-day cancels and no-shows, convert more calls to scheduled and arriving new patients and discuss the the cost of care with ease.
receptionist sitting in from of her computer and speaking on the phone

Handle Common Objections

Your front desk team likely struggles to handle patients objections. They'll learn to easily communicate with patients, HANDLE their OBJECTIONS and answer questions at every point through care.
Everything you need to train your front office AND get the results you’re looking for is included in the Academy.

Our experience with Dee and Front Office GURU was amazing! Dee really helped us implement front office procedures that work to increase staff efficiency and patient attendance! We now have a better idea how to train new staff and our current staff is better equipped to handle our patients and make sure our schedule stays full. 10/10 would recommend!
– Ashtyn Haynes, Co-Owner | Haynes PT, Texas

The Front Office GURU Training Academy

This course is packed with in-depth, practical solutions to the MOST common patient problems your front desk encounters every single day.

You and your front office team can get started today and

  • have exactly what you need to FILL your schedule,
  • STOP same-day cancellations and no-shows,
  • INCREASE your new patient evaluations,
  • have patients consistently scheduled,
  • handle the cost of care discussion, and
  • handle the most common patient objections with ease.

Founder's Note

Hi. I’m Dee Bills

Physical Therapist, Practice Owner and Front Office Guru

I started Front Office GURU after successfully turning around the front office of my husband’s physical therapy practice. When I started working with him in 2012, the daily arrival rate was 75% at best. And this made schedule control impossible. So I worked at my front desk and applied my experience as a provider to create consistent scripting and processes that would empower my front desk to to take control of patient care.Within 6 months, our arrival rate was 95% and it’s remained that way since then.

My Virtual Academy has everything you need to train your front desk team in communication, schedule control, cancellation prevention, collections, new patient scheduling, and so much more…

I look forward to having you and your team join my front office family! ~ Dee

Reviews & testimonials

What Our Students Are Saying...

Being new to healthcare in general it was very helpful to have some guidance on how I could use previous skills like customer service and administration to help patients in the best way possible. Having audio examples of phone calls and the various situations we may be faced with up at the front desk really helped me get a handle on how to appropriately handle tough situations in order to keep patients happy and successful in their care. Being a year into the position I still refer back to Dee's videos when I am faced with any challenges or feel like I could be handling a situation better. Having somebody to clearly explain just how to keep my control at the front desk while managing the flow of the clinic helped me transition into my new role with a sense of confidence and clarity.
– Rhiana, PCC | Campus Commons PT
It was apparent from the beginning that Dee's training was thoughtfully planned out. From the trainee end, I found it easy to follow, with each unit building on itself in a clear and succinct way. I love how implementing the content provides a streamline process for our team that allows us to pick up where someone may have left off without losing stride. I've found when we all operate from this unified front, it largely eliminates potential conflict as well. This creates a productive space for the patient to rehab in too!

At the end of the day we've been given the tools necessary to be confident & efficient (as a team!) in a job we love to do, while being able to enjoy our main goal...Helping people!

– Kristie, Insurance Coordinator | Campus Commons PT

Although having prior experience as a patient care coordinator, the online training videos helped me solidify a lot of key components to the patient care process. It has helped me fine tune the delivery with the language around talking about accountability with plan of cares and how to handle conversations regarding a missed visit. The breakdown of each video/section makes it easy to learn about each topic; being able to watch the videos and discuss with our team has opened up a lot of healthy conversations around patient care and has definitely helped us grow in our positions and as people. I appreciate Dee and the online training academy very much.
– Esmeralda, Front Office Lead | Campus Commons PT

It has been and continues to be very beneficial for our team and our business to have the Front Office Academy as a tool we work with frequently. Dee is very thorough in her videos on how she explains processes and it’s easy for our team members to understand all of the content. We have a very organized and efficient flow in our front office thanks to the systems we've. I highly recommend this academy for all practices.
– Tiffany, Owner/Director of Administration | Campus Commons PT

Dee is the best! I would highly recommend!!

I didn’t realize how much we were missing at our front desk and how inefficient we were along with the lost patients and revenue we were having! It was so easy to understand and implement it with our front desk employees and we are seeing amazing results with it!
– Betsy Oblak, Front Office Manager | Teton Therapy, Wyoming

Dee is a master when it comes to the training and educating of your front desk team!! The training platform has given our team the advantage we need to control the conversations, get patients on the schedule, and win the cancellation/no show battle!! If you are looking for a system to get your patients on the schedule and in the door consistently, look no further than FYFD!! Thanks Dee!!
– Frank Cawley, PT | Cawley PT + Rehab, Pennsylvania

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